We believe the coordinated actions of our logistics department to be the main advantage of the JPC Commerce Group company.

Due to the quick order acceptance and information processing, our company is able to supply raw stuff very quickly and avoid the prolonged warehouse storage.

JPC Commerce Group – is a company «without borders». Due to the existence off the necessary work permits, we can supply products to any country.

Another advantage of cooperation with us is the opportunity to order large volumes of products. JPC Commerce Group performs the wholesale supply; even providing you with 10 tons of walnuts is not a problem for us.

Due to the shock freezing technology, we are able to transport large amounts of meat, berries and mushrooms. This technology allows to increase the shelf life of products, prevent the emergence of bacteria and keep the natural color, taste, smell of the raw stuff, as well as its nutritional value.

If we need a few days to prepare a large order, we use the most modern refrigerators. The freezing process is closely monitored by the qualified technicians.

Human health depends on proper and complete nutrition, and this nutrition starts with us – the JPC Commerce Group company. We take care of our reputation and offer our customers only the best!