We offer meat only from healthy pigs of the best pork breeds. We cooperate only with reliable and trustworthy farms. We select only well-fed and groomed animals that meet the veterinary and sanitary standards. The JPC Commerce Group experts check the color, flavor, moisture and consistence of pork.

In order to extend the shelf life of meat and provide convenient transportation, we use shock freezing technology. It allows keeping the useful properties of meat. The products transportation is done very quickly. If it requires several days to accomplish the order, all the products are kept in modern refrigerators.

There are no obstacles for us when it comes to food supply. JPC Commerce Group means quality, professional cooperation and adherence to the European standards.

Our company offers large variety of pork products, such as:

Primal cuts: pork sides (half carcass), tenderloin, loin chain off, boneless collar, ham 4D boneless, shoulder 4D, belly deli skin on single ribbed, belly deli skin on bone-in

By-products(offals)front feet, hind feet, tails (tails short/long), ear flaps, ears with shells, snouts, pork aorta, stomach pouch cut, stomach cooked, half heads

Intestineschitterling(large intestine), small casing, rectum, bladder, bung cap, uterus